#DigitalTalentFair Roma Tre| 3 dicembre 2021

Company Profile


The Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group is the national promotional institution that has supported the Italian economy since 1850.

It finances public investments, supports international cooperation and is the catalyst for the country’s infrastructure growth. It supports Italian enterprises, helping them innovate and grow, while supporting their exports and international expansion. As the primary operator in social and affordable housing, it contributes to the growth of the Italian real estate sector.

We are looking for people who work together to promote the future of Italy, contributing to sustainable economic development and investing in competitiveness. We are looking for motivated, flexible people with an aptitude for team working and Learning.

We offer the possibility of insertion in different sectors of our Company, forming our resources to better face the challenges with which our Institution will have to face. Professional growth paths are also envisaged, also through experience in Group companies and other investee companies.


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