#DigitalTalentFair Roma Tre| 3 dicembre 2020

Sede di lavoro: Roma
Azienda: Generali

Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry – a strategic and highly important sector for the growth, development and welfare of modern societies. Over almost 200 years, we have built a multinational Group that is present in more than 60 countries, with 470 companies and nearly 80,000 employees.

The IT architecture function focuses on the evolution of the Group IT systems landscape, in a continuous alignment with the business evolution.

The function will:

  • maintain group wide information of IT system landscapes in the countries;
  • maintain list of IT best practices and list of IT assets at group level
  • manage the innovation shift of IT systems landscape , in order to gain business agility and competitive advantage
  • be involved in IT strategy decisions of the countries – main role:
    • ensure that opportunities to reuse group IT assets are taken into account in decision making process
    • ensure that opportunities to converge to more homogenous set of technologies or IT systems are not missed Critical success factor
    • ensure the right level of simplification in the target architectures

The IT Architect leads the creation of IT solutions, with an integrated vision of IT systems and processes, in order to support the business evolution with a clear and updated vision when it comes to innovation.

The IT Architect has a strong professional experience and specific skills; this is a transversal role within the organization.

The IT architects main tasks will be:

  • maintaining an evolutionary vision of the technological framework of the systems based on emerging technologies
  • ensuring functional compatibility of the systems
  • guaranteeing the better integration methods with respect to business constraints
  • assessing, where possible, evolutionary scenarios that safeguard previous solutions and investment
  • making “complexity” manageable
  • ensuring real ICT governance in the design of the systems

Within the Group, the IT Architect will work to ensure the right level of harmonization, standardization and simplification of the IT landscape of the impacted Countries

The work of the IT Architect is inspired by IT trends, Industry standards, emerging technologies. He/she will evaluate software products and tools, which will support the different phases of the system evolution.

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • Analytical thinking: able to understand the needs of the business and design appropriate applications and programs
  • Able to anticipate business needs thanks to:
    • Solid technical knowledge, coming from years of development and/ or systemic skills
    • Excellent communication skills, in order to explain both technical aspects and potential benefits for the business
    • Self-management and stress management skills
    • Attention to details and excellent time management skills

From a methodological perspective, the ideal candidate needs to be familiar with:

  • the main process designing techniques
  • logical-physical architecture,DevOps processes and the technologies that enable them.
  • Implementation of systems integration as “service”.

In the Insurance context, the IT architect

  • has expertise in the main Company processes,
  • knows the main regulatory constraints of the sector (e.g. IVASS Regulations),
  • knows the general regulatory constraints that impact the implementation of IT systems (e.g. GDPR )
  • is familiar with the distribution models of the insurance industry,
  • has gained experience in the implementation of projects with market software used in the main operating sectors of the Company.

Nice to have

Knowledge of:

  • ITIL Framework (for the Governance Vision)
  • TOGAF Metodology ( for architectural designer )
  • Cloud enabled (knowledge of at least one of the platform of the main players in the market).


Link: https://generali.referrals.selectminds.com/external-candidates/jobs/it-enterprise-architect-rome-1215

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