#DigitalTalentFair Roma Tre| 3 dicembre 2020

Sede di lavoro: Milano
Azienda: Generali

Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry – a strategic and highly important sector for the growth, development and welfare of modern societies.

Innovation partnerships are fundamental to activating innovation activity across the Generali Group. This role plays a key part in not only identifying the need for partnerships to accelerate the delivery of innovation at Generali, but also in identifying and selecting the right partners to work with, as well as scaling partnerships across multiple lines, business units and geographies.

This role is instrumental to the successful execution of new and existing innovation initiatives across the Group. The successful candidate will be responsible for:

Identifying the need for partnerships to activate innovation, including:

  • Developing a robust system of identifying business needs related to innovation
  • Creating a method of collating these needs and validating the requirement for a partner
  • Maintaining a tracker of needs and identifying multiple needs for similar innovation partnerships

Sourcing partnerships that enable innovation initiatives, including:

  • Designing a method to link identified business needs with appropriate innovation partners, including (but not limited to) start-ups, consultancies, service providers, industry leaders experts and partners from academia
  • Leveraging partnership capabilities that already exist across the Generali group to meet business needs
  • Developing new innovation partners, through scouting, networking, relationship building and management, that meet business needs
  • Design and develop new partnership best practice and procurement methodologies, to streamline the process of linking innovation partners to business needs

Managing innovation partnerships, including:

  • Overseeing all and any agreements or contracts between Generali and Innovation Partners are in place to fulfil required needs
  • Creating and managing a mutually beneficial value exchange between Generali and partners
  • Communicating with existing partners, to ensure continued co-operation on projects, as well as identifying additional opportunities to work together
  • Ensuring that all required legal and governance procedures are complied with.

Leveraging innovation partnerships across multiple geographies or legal entities, including:

  • Creating a method of identifying where new partnerships could have application across more than one business need, business unit (BU) or geography
  • Identifying a way of leveraging partnerships that already exist to address current needs across additional needs, BUs or geographies
  • Creating a robust process and methodology that ‘joins the dots’, and enables innovation partnerships to be spread across multiple needs, BUs or geographies

Developing an ecosystem of new innovation partners to address future needs, including:

  • Developing a method of scouting new partners from sectors which compliment key innovation themes and the innovation strategy
  • Developing criteria to measure the suitability of new partners, both in terms of business viability and solvency, as well as their ’fit’ with Generali business and innovation strategy
  • Developing a method of ‘partnering’, whether formally or informally, to create a broad ecosystem of potential partners to link with future business needs

Our ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:

Must have

  • Ability to manage partnerships of strategic importance
  • Ability to integrate into large complex projects across multiple geographies and business types
  • Ability to identify and then objectively select partners which will deliver optimum business benefit
  • Ability to use experience, insights and expert advice to make decisions
  • Ability to create, implement and maintain mechanisms that ensure robust management of partnership agreements as well as monitoring partnership success
  • Ability to engage and communicate assertively with multiple stakeholders, including both internal and external stakeholders, up to C-Suite
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken

Soft skills

  • Have a practical knowledge of partnership management
  • Have a practical knowledge of innovation
  • Have a practical knowledge of the insurance industry and the products and services that Generali provide
  • Have a strong understanding of partnership ecosystems and landscapes, including start-ups, global business and academia
  • Have a working knowledge of partner scouting, selection and contracting
  • Be an excellent networker and communicator
  • Have practical experience within an international working environment
  • Have the ability to influencing and negotiate across a number of different cultures
  • Be resilient and have the persistence to see initiatives through
  • Have excellent relationship management skills


Link: https://generali.referrals.selectminds.com/external-candidates/jobs/innovation-partnerships-manager-1300

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